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Just few infos about us..

A BIG family, made up of Emanuele, "our Daddy", Oriana, "our Mommy", and Guendalina, Melania and many furry other brothers and sisters.
Starting from the first arrived, Pablo, perhaps the sweetest, so much that we immediately fell in love with this splendid breed.
Passing through Luna, our second wonderful and untamed companion, Bell, Gigio, Tara, Hura, Dudù arrived not by choice, but who knows, perhaps by the will of destiny!
After, the wonderful Norman and Zoe, precious and countless gift of the sweet "Bessy" STANDING OVATION, the most splendid star ever shone in our sky !!
And then again, Camilla, Emy, Hermann, Charlotte, Dylan, Herin, Milton and lastly, Enya and Axel!

I almost forgot our mascot: Ambrogio! He would be offended !! He's not really a Newfoundland, he's a basset hound dog and even though, deep down, I really think he's convinced being a big one !!
Each of the dogs that I have mentioned is a being in itself, with its own character, with its own place, and its own history.
But all, in their own way, have contributed to change our life, all have given something, to ensure that our life, normal and simple, was completely transformed, gently overwhelmed.
It is thanks to them that our home is a constant movement of friends.
In these years, we have met really SPECIAL people ! Among our greatest and deepest friendships, there are people we met right after the custody of our puppies.
Thank you all! To good and bad advisers, because in the end, "all is well, what leads to good"
Emanuele, Oriana, Guendalina Melania and the whole company !!

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