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Lia and Prince, 12/13/22

Lia and Prince welcome their puppies.
Parents: The Waves Sons Newfoundlands Dark Diamond 'Lia' & The Waves Sons Newfoundlands Quarterback 'Prince' 

*Puppieavailable for purchase. Please contact us to know more.


The Waves' Sons Newfoundlands Dark Diamond "Lia", the mother
Heart free from diseases - Cystinuria free

LIA 3.jpg
prince 2.jpg
prince 3.jpg

The Waves' Sons Newfoundlands Quarterback "Prince", the dad
Heart free from diseases - Cystinuria free

m arancio 2.jfif
m arancio.jfif

Black boy, orange collar.

m arancio 3.jfif
maschio rosso 2.jfif
maschio rosso.jfif
maschio rosso 3.jfif

Black boy, red collar.

m verde.jfif

Black boy, green collar.

m verde 2.jfif
m marrone 2.jfif
m marrone.jfif

Black boy, brown collar.

Black boy, blue collar.

m blu.jfif
m blu 2.jfif
bn azzurro 3.jfif
bn azzurro.jfif

White and black boy, turquoise collar.

bn azzurro 2.jfif
fucsia f.jfif

Black/white girl, fuchsia collar.

f fucsia 3.jfif
f fucsia 2.jfif
f nera gialla 2.jfif

Black female, yellow collar.

f nera gialla.jfif
f rosa.jfif

Black girl, pink collar.

f rosa 2.jfif
f viola 3.jfif
f viola 2.jfif

Black girl, purple collar.

f viola.jfif
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