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Belle and Hey, 03/13/2022

Belle and Hey welcome their puppies.
ParentsThe Waves Sons Newfoundlands 'Meatball' & 
The Waves Sons Newfoundlands 'Diego' 

*Puppies available for purchase



The  Waves' Sons Newfoundlands Better Dream Ever   'Hey 
HD 'AB' - ED '00' - Heart free - CystinuriaFree - black/white recessive (Owner. Cristina Sada) 
Parents: The Waves' Sons Newfoundlands Gorgeous Boy "Pedro" &
The Waves' Sons Newfoundlands Daylight "Peggy"

Belle 2.jpg

The  Waves' Sons Newfoundlands 'Belle 
Parents: Goldcoast's Jeffrey at Mississippi Mossouri "Jeffrey" & 
The Waves' Sons Newfoundlands Enjoy the Black Elegance "Ruby"

blu e ar.jpg

Black boy, blue and orange collar

blu aran.jpg
cucc verde azz.jpg
verd azz.jpg
cucc verde azz 3.jpg
cucc verde azz 2.jpg

Black and white boy, green and blue collar

verde azz.jpg
masc aran panna.jpg
masch ar panna.jpg

Black boy, orange and cream collar

masc ar panna.jpg
masc azz bianco 2.jpg
masc azz bianco.jpg

Black boy, blue and white collar

bianco e blu.jpg
bianco e blu 2.jpg
femm fucsia e viola 2.jpg
femm fucsia e viola.jpg

Black girl, purple and fuchsia collar

rosa viola.jpg
rosa v.jpg
rosa e nero 2.jpg
femm rosa e nero.jpg

Black girl, pink and black collar

rosa e nero.jpg
femm rosa e neroo.jpg
fucsia azzurr 2.jpg
fucsia azzurr.jpg

Black girl, fuchsia and blue collar

rosa azz.jpg
rosa azzz.jpg
masc bianco ross 3.jpg

Black and white boy, white and red collar

masc bianco ross 2.jpg
masc bianco ross.jpg
ara verd.jpg
aran verd.jpg

Black boy, orange and green collar

ar verd.jpg
aranc verd.jpg
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